About a friend

The title of this Blog could be “Creativity overcomes Despair”. But either way you look at creativity it’s worth trying. A friend sent me some photos yesterday. Stuck at home with two kids under 2 and a husband on night shifts, she inspired me with photos of cardboard cutouts of bugs for her son to paint and little clay toadstools for her son to find in the garden. How cool is that! I wish she’d been my mum. 


We all could easily give into despair right now as just having the TV on for any length of time can lead down that path. So much is happening in the world and not much of it is good news. Can I suggest you turn off the news and be creative? 

There are options

The world is full of wonder and I see it in the people I mix with. My dad, who’s 91, is doing a latch hook rug of autumn colours which is gorgeous. Friends who I garden for are loving the new growth and planting possibilities of this season. My husband has gotten out his model aircraft and is building it again. So much we can do. 

Give it a go

Some of you may day say “I haven’t a creative bone in my body”. But try something new – plant a plant, make a hanging mobile of keys. Cut out something, paint something, take photos of something, cook something, write in a journal, write a poem, write a memory. 

Over breakfast this morning Russ read some memories of a friend of ours from Broken Hill. We were both transported to the very scene and felt that we could both see very clearly our friend in those particular circumstances. It was so much fun remembering those times. You don’t have to show anyone just try. 


We all need to break the despair cycle and it may make a mess (my husband has taken over the dining table with his hobby) but what the heck if it keeps the black dog at bay it’s worth it. The white dog in our lives loves creativity and I feel we all are made to create, just like our Heavenly Father who has made such amazing creations in nature. 

Anyway, try it.