Do you wake up some mornings and just feel Blah? Maybe this is common for most, I feel blessed that it’s not the case normally with me. I usually bound out of bed ready for a great day and look forward to what the world has to offer. However, when I don’t feel like this, like this morning, there are 2 ways I approach my studio. First I challenge myself to find 5 things to be thankful for. This morning there was: 

  1. A cacophony of birds singing as we ate our breakfast on the front verandah.
  2. The wattle is starting to show its vibrant yellow display. 
  3. Our new puppy settled calmly on my lap for 10 minutes.
  4. I have my needs met e.g. food, warmth and a good man. 
  5. We are not in lockdown and I am of sound body and mind.

You find once you get into doing this there’s more then you realise to be thankful for. Then I face my canvases. At present I’m still caught up with my bush adventure painting and have been able to think of 40 animals to hide in my painting. This is so much fun I’m not sure I want to finish painting it. My imagination runs wild – I’m on the hike all over again with all these amazing hiding creatures around us poking their heads out to say hello. 

My dad taught me to be observant so I see them and notice other wonders perhaps more than most. I was driving with my husband Russ to Parkes the other day and I asked “ do you think everyone sees all the beautiful shades, lights and colours that are all around us?” He turns to me and says, “what colours?”  

I think we can all teach ourselves to see the beauty in our world. The blue wren in its brilliance, the drops of water on the leaves, the sunshine at last. Even on grey days there is beauty. Anyway I digress. To help lift me from my “blah” state I do these two things:. Be thankful, and realise there is so much to see in our great world. As an artist, I get to mimic the great Creator artist by trying to put them on canvas – how special is that. What a privilege. Enjoy your creativity today and look out and see that the world is amazing.