Some people call it fate, some karma, some call it luck or just coincidence. When things go our way we often contemplate a cause or surmise the source.  But when things go wrong how often do we blame God and say it’s just not fair? (I like to do the opposite). I was recently having a discussion with a dear friend about how some people wallow in their grief or despair when life doesn’t go their way. With Covid restrictions and the bad news constantly on the TV it is easy to excuse negativity and despondency.

However, if you really look for that rainbow above the dark clouds of despair, it’s there and you will find it – no matter how bad your circumstances are. Recently I haven’t had time to be depressed because God has being reminding me that there are many great things happening in my world.

On Q&I recently the subject of discussion was failure and it got me thinking we have all had failures and grief to bear. None of us are protected from loss, sickness or real confusion and pain but how do we move on? My husband is a great example to me of someone who moves on. After two near fatal accidents in his life, one of which took his right leg, he still finds something each day to get up for – but that’s his story.

For me at the moment, life’s just been too good. First, I didn’t quite know how we’d afford meat given our current budget. A friend gave me a whole stack of lamb to use – “out of the Blue”.  I was getting a bit sad that my website wasn’t moving paintings on, when “out of the blue” I got a great commission. Then Russ gets his licence back – yay! no more driving him around. The scenery at the moment is to die for. I hope you all have the opportunity to look out at the world around us. The new blossoms, the green and yellow fields. The birds, the flowers, it’s gorgeous at the moment.

Then to top it all off, my husband did some housework. It may not sound special but it’s not easy for him to vacuum our place. I got home from work yesterday and found he’d vacuumed and mopped – “out of the Blue ” How good is that!

Anyway in my world I thank my Heavenly Father for all that is good. Whatever you put the source down to, good things are always happening. Try and get into the habit of looking for those wonderful things that can happen in your day. As for me I have a new painting to start, one with lots of colour, life and fun.
Stay tuned . . .

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