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Christmas Story

Original paintings expressing the themes & story of Christmas




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I have been a follower of Jesus of Nazareth since I can remember.  By that I mean I have studied the man the New Testament presents as the Jewish Messiah and I follow his lead in how I live my life, in what I value, my priorities and in what I anticipate for the future.  In the work presented through this page you will discover my love for the Christmas Story – as well as my love for the Dutch impressionist master Vincent Van Gogh as reflected in my style.  I hope you enjoy these works as much as I have in creating them – Sue.

The Shepherds

The Shepherds watch their flocks by night
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Star over Bethlehem

The Star Rests

Introducing Jesus

The hard work done now for Joy.  These young parents would never have realised the extent to which this child would influence so many for good or that a simple artist 2000 years later would be inspired by their story.
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Long Journey to Bethlehem

The long journey from Galilee to Bethlehem
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Good News for All

The Shepherds are first to hear the Good News!
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Angels by Night

Good Tidings of Great Joy!
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Shepherds to Bethlehem

The night of angelic anticipation – foretold centuries ago!
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The Stars are brightly shinning

It is the night of our dear saviours birth
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Long Way To Go

From Nazareth near the Lake of Galilee to Bethlehem is a 2 hour trip in today’s world.  When Joseph and the pregnant Mary did it it was more like a week as they traveled the long way to avoid Samaria.
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Nearly There

How do you feel when you are near the end of a long and tiring journey?  Now project yourself back 2000 years with your main mode of transport being your legs and perhaps a mule.  And now an add-on – your 9 months pregnant!  Can’t wait to arrive – spare a thought for Mary.
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CHristmas Card Set

Set of 10 Christmas Cards with Envelopes