There’s Work to Be Done (The Shack)


Medium: Acrylic
Mounted Canvas
Framed:  No
Dimensions: 61 W x 45.5 cm H
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I love the bush and sometimes think that living off the grid, in a small shack in the middle of the Australian bush would be idyllic  and a lot less stress full. But as we can see there’s still work to be done. With no central heating, the wood pile does need to be cut into suitable sized logs for the fire. So, the husband is sent out to do the chore with the little wife watching on from the veranda. The dogs are having their bit of fun, but the humble husband is contemplating the task at hand. “These things must be thought through first” he may tell his wife. “A pipe helps the process”, he smokes his pipe and considers the job. But eventually he’ll get the job done even if it takes a while. The tranquillity and life of the bush surrounds this little family but living the simple life may be less stressful but I’m sure it would not be easy.

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