Sue Hodge Art

On The Land Series

Original paintings telling the ebb and flow story of life on the land




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Available for Purchase as a Series Only

$2800.00 for all 5 paintings

On The Land Series 5 paintings

Checking the Fences – On the Land Series  No 1

Keeping your fences in good order is a constant job for those on the Land.

On The Land Series 5 Paintings

Bringing in the Sheep – On The Land Series No 2

What do you need to round up the sheep? These days is motorcycles and a good working dog.  In the outback it helps to have a helicopter as well!

On The Land Series 5 paintings

Fire in the Paddock – On The Land Series No 3

There is a real difference between a controlled burn off and a fire out of control.

On The Land Series 5 paintings

Waiting – On The Land Series No 4

Women on the land work as hard as the men.  In the pioneering days their duties would revolve around the homestead while the men were out in the heat and dust.  Dusk was the a time of preparing and waiting for their return.

On the Land Series 5 paintings

Hoping for Rain – On the Land Series No 5

No rain and the years work could be lost.  Australians on the land need to be tough and stoic in times of drought.  Drought can last years.