Colour | Movement | Passion

Sue describes herself as a contemporary impressionistic landscape artist.  However, she is not limited to impressionism.

Her preferred medium is acrylics.  Specialising in colour and perspective in her paintings the desired effect is to feel like you can walk into the painting.  Sue’s landscapes capture the beauty & majesty of the diverse Australian country and outback regions.  Cadmium yellow and orange are used often to enhance the colour and clarity of the painting.  Combining this with a vivid blue sky makes for a striking painting.

For her landscapes Sue has two techniques; brushstrokes, which brings precision and reality to her landscapes and the pallet, knife adding texture and movement into the paintings.  Often in her Impressionistic landscapes, Sue loves to bend the rules, letting her imagination loose itself in form and colour.  Some of her work carries spiritual themes and messages for the perceptive. Sue is not restricted to one medium or subject and when asked to do commissions are always keen to try any thing.

Sue was born in Cowra and grew up at Greenethorpe on a sheep/ wheat farm. She has always loved life, colour and form. As a child Sue assumed everyone could paint and draw because it came so naturally to her, especially drawing the things she loved most – birds, life on the land and nature. Her artistic break came when she and her family moved to Broken Hill and purchased an art Gallery. Broken Hill is an artist’s paradise for colour and landscape, and a town that really encourages young artists. Since then Sue has won numerous art awards, exhibited in numerous locations with her work attracting global attention.

For the past 6 years Canowindra Arts Inc has run Art Mentoring for children and teenagers.  These grant funded sessions have allowed young people in Canowindra to receive inspiration and direction as budding artists.  Sue, the Art Mentor for the program says. “The highlight comes at the conclusion of 10 sessions when participating young people exhibit their work in their own exhibition.”  Photos:  The 2020 Art Mentoring Participants


Sue is happy to take commissions so please make contact