Yesterday, I had my first Covid test. Not so happy about it because it’s my husband that’s sick and I haven’t had to have a test since Covid reached our fair lands. It also put a big spanner in my weekly routine, which is very tight at the best of times.

Anyway, I got up to do my pyjama painting this morning and being in isolation just saps a person’s enthusiasm. Why get dressed at all, why not just watch TV and eat chocolate all day. I understand completely for those in full lock down for weeks how depressing this would be. And I’m not easily depressed. So I sat at my easel and looked at my new work and also contemplated my just finished work. There has to be a way out of isolation that doesn’t break the law, I thought. And yes I found it. Some deal with isolation with drink, or binge watching series episodes or lose themselves on facebook. That’s Ok, but not me.

I decided that looking into my paintings would help me escape. So yesterday’s painting was of Canowindra from the South side of the Belubula River – looking over the town from near the Swinging Bridge. There are people on the bridge, there’s a bloke fishing and people out for a walk. All being Covid safe of course. There are rabbits, roos and a Kookaburra as well. What’s going on? I ask myself. Is that the Kookaburra I raised and released? What are those people doing? There is a whole story going on just in one painting.

This morning’s painting is of sheep grazing under a Gum tree. How do you make sheep look content? These are fat sheep and one is mesmerized by its reflection in the creek. Thus the name “ The other Ewe” what fun to think about the life of a sheep. Do they think at all – I was raised on a sheep farm and I do wonder at the thinking capacity of the humble sheep.

Well there you have it. How to lose yourself in your creativity. If it’s a paper flower you’re making or knitting a jumper or a quilt you’re putting together. There must be a way to tap into that creative power to transport yourself outside the four walls you are legally supposed to stay in. So have a go – try to sail above the lock downs and isolation and find that colourful and creative world of your own.
God Bless