You may not want to know this but my husband and I have been sick. Chest colds – it’s ok we’ve been tested and it’s not Coronavirus. It is “that time of year” for the flu so it’s reasonable that at some point we will find ourselves with the sniffles. When Russ got sick we had to go into isolation and being isolated with a person for 48hrs (time for test results to get back) I was bound to get it.

The Art related result of me being sick was at 4.30am in the morning, unable to sleep, with running nose, stuffy head and cough,  I got up and did a couple of paintings. You can see, if you look at them, they are possibly fever-induced.

It seems my body works differently than most. Most people when sick don’t want to get out of bed and want their partner to wait on them. Well for me, I needed to paint. You could conclude there is something seriously wrong with me – and its not just a cold.

Painting and creativity is definitely my safe” go to” place when things aren’t quite right. It sounds rather insane I know. Insanity can be very personal. Van Gogh was classed as somewhat insane. Even so, he produce some of the most brilliant paintings in history (in my humble opinion). My experience has made me wonder if our best (or in my case ‘craziest’) creativity comes when we are on the edge. I’m not advocating getting or being sick, by the way. 

Consider next time you’re under the weather going to your creative space – see if that is of any medicinal worth. And if symptoms persist see your doctor. Love from your sick and slightly insane art friend Sue.